Spring is coming. Whether you have been traveling all winter, or just hibernating in the South with other snowbirds, road grime, dust, bird droppings and other acts of nature have no doubt accumulated on your motorhome and maybe even your dinghy vehicle. To preserve their value, and make them more fun to drive, like any quality piece of equipment, you need to give them a little routine care.

Sure, you can run through an automated commercial truck wash, but if you’re even a little bit of a perfectionist like we are, you’re much better off doing a thorough spring cleaning yourself. We take our motor­home into some very muddy places, and over the years we have found specialized products that make the job faster and easier. Washing Carrand’s Deluxe 10-inch Flow-Thru brush has a huge soft head that carries loads of soap and water, and the click-lock handle is super easy to adjust with wet hands. Carrand’s Deluxe 10-inch Flow-Thru brush has a huge soft head that carries loads of soap and water, and the click-lock handle is super easy to adjust with wet hands. First, you need to rinse off the chunks. Soap comes later. For all the fancy gadgets out there, it’s hard to beat the ordinary garden hose hand sprayer. Carrand makes the Water Snake that can redirect the adjustable spray in any direction, which is great for getting under the frame. The telescoping wand and three-position off-hi-low thumb switch make reaching the roof easy without a ladder. With the big stuff rinsed off, it’s time to move on to the fun part. A couple of years ago we found the Grit Guard bucket (the Grit Guard 3.5-Gallon System is $34.95). It has a big grate in the bottom that allows sand and grit to fall through instead of turning your wash mitt or brush into a piece of sandpaper. Great idea. Add soap and water. No worries. We used Joy dishwashing detergent for years at the risk of stripping the wax off our paint. It works, but several companies have products specifically for washing vehicles. We have tried many of them, including Protect All Quick & Easy Wash, Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash & Wax, Mothers Marine Wash‘n Wax, Armor All Ultra Shine Wash & Wax, and Thetford Premium RV Wash & Wax. Some claim to be “rinse free” or “self-drying.” Maybe, but we prefer to rinse and dry by hand. We’re not in a hurry.

My interest in self-built motorhomes began when I was a teenager. My father converted a 1955 Ford school bus into a motorhome for our family of 7. He was a cabinet maker by trade, which provided the skills necessary to create a woodworking masterpiece. His bus motorhome conversion was done entirely in black walnut. The interior was phenomenal!

Though some were modest in design, others were a bit over the top, and yet others were as well laid out and well constructed as any professionally built rig on the road.Converting a bus into an RV is a challenging project — whether you’re starting with a retired Greyhound coach or a school bus that’s been turned out to pasture. Both can make excellent RVs, though generally the finished product will dictate the type of RVing you’ll be able to do. So, you will want to choose your bus accordingly.

We can also help you design and build a new Motorhome to your specific floor plan on a new Prevost or new MCI chassis. We can also modify any of our used Prevosts or other used buses to meet your needs. If you are considering a Motorhome for your family travel, take a look at the used Entertainer buses. We can make easy modifications on Entertainer buses and provide accommodations for up to 14 people.

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