Property Management

When prospective tenants are looking for a place to live, they’re looking at local listings. Using local keywords at your property management website can be extremely helpful. Consider targeting keyword phrases, such as ‘Miami homes for rent’. You can also improve your local SEO by creating ‘places’ pages for Bing, Yahoo, and Google. You’ll need to fill out information such as the address of your business. What if your business information is incorrect?

Properties can lease your property to qualified residents. First rent surveys are done to ascertain competitive market rents in any particular location. Properties markets vacancies by whatever means that have proven effective, including: ads in the print media (Recycler, Los Angeles Times, LA Opinion, etc.), classified ads in major search engines, and online classifieds. Eye catching signs and banners are also affixed on the property itself. A record of calls of prospective residents is kept and follow-up calls are made to prospective residents.

Applications are handed out during showing appointments to all interested prospects. Prospects can also obtain applications at our office or at this website. The ease of applying has increased the number of applications and processing time. Once the application is carefully screened and approved, the resident signs a lease that has many safeguards for owners, and complies with all local and state laws.

Our detailed financial reports are posted every day on our website exclusively for clients for no extra charge. Simply login through our website and see everything updated daily. If required full reports are also available by mail and email by the 5th of the month. Both the online report and monthly report includes a description of the issues facing the property, a rent roll, trust account ledger and most importantly, an income statement. The Monthly Report can be designed to fit your specific accounting needs. Proceeds can be included in the report, or directly deposited in a designated bank account.

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