Keeping your Patio or deck looking spotless doesn’t need to be a chore. Eliminate elbow grease and save time cleaning away the dirt, grime and pollutants your patio and deck can collect throughout the seasons with a Patio pressure washer.

Periodic Presssure cleaning, especially after the winter months, will help your deck or patio retain its brand new appearance. Whether using it for preventative maintenance or washing away unexpected spills and stains from summer Job done right LLC  will add years of life to your patio or deck, saving you valuable time and money.

Our Job done right LLC  ensure optimum cleaning results with a gentle action, over large and small areas. The innovative combination of high-pressure and height-adjustable nozzles creates a hovercraft effect which allows the patio cleaner to hover over the ground, giving you uniform results without any spray, thereby protecting both you and surrounding areas from dirt.

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We love hanging in the backyard as much as you do, and we know when you’re there, you want it to be beautiful and functional. We also know you like things simple and you have a budget. To get you there, we offer hundreds of colorful and affordable patio designs with all kinds of different shapes to fit all different styles of homes. Each displayed in realistic 3D images so you can undoubtedly choose the right patio for you. And to make your new patio more personal and useful, we also offer designs for all your favorite hardscape accessories as well…grill stations, outdoor fireplaces, pergolas and more.
With plenty of choices, our collection of patio plans for straight houses feature designs of all shapes and sizes that include some of your favorite accessories to help you create an outdoor living area that is affordable, colorful and comfortable. From small to big, curvy to square, patios with warm fire pits and fireplaces, grill stations and outdoor kitchens, shady pergolas…you can easily choose a patio that fits your lifestyle and budget.

Here are some of our tips on how to clean your patio and decking:

  1. Remove any outdoor furniture, flower pots and other items from the surface you want to clean. This will give you more uniform results.
  2. Sweep or remove loose or large debris.
  3. Connect up your pressure washer, or take a look at our range of pressure washers to find the right one for you.
  4. Start with a low pressure setting, especially on wooden surfaces, engaging the trigger gun away from the surface initially.
  5. Using a sweeping motion, clean your deck or patio surface using long sweeps that overlap each other. This prevents inconsistent results once dry.

Other good to knows:

  1. When cleaning wooden decking, always clean in the direction of the wood grain.
  2. Corners are best cleaned when you aim the trigger into the corner, spraying any debris out in a long “L” shaped sweep.
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