Is your municipality an attraction or an atrocity? You need industrial-strength cleaning equipment to tackle human and vehicle high-traffic areas such as footpaths, residential streets and gutters, public toilets and even parks.

Clean, well cared for outdoor areas make city life more pleasant for residents and create a good first impression for visitors. Keeping a city clean and presentable all year round requires a lot of different outdoor tasks. With Nilfisk Outdoor Rangers, you’ll get the strengths of a specialized machine and the broad flexibility of a multi-function utility machine – allowing you to react and adapt to whatever the weather brings.

Streets in towns and cities must be kept clean, but so must sidewalks, paths, plazas and other places where pedestrians are king. Nilfisk Rangers deliver perfect cleaning results all year round.

Pedestrian areas are left sparkling clean once the Rangers have done their work. In spring, the operator can sweep up the grit and grime left over from winter. In summer, the Rangers will keep outdoor areas free of cans, paper and litter. Once it’s autumn, they’ll take care of wind-blown leaves and dirt.

From suction sweeping to removing dirt and waste, from street washing to scrubbing paths clean, Nilfisk Rangers are ready, helped by a wide range of tailor-made attachments.

Rangers can also help with weed control, to assure a longer lifetime for paved streets and sidewalks. And they’re ready to assist with winter maintenance for public safety. The City Ranger 3500 can carry out all of these tasks with impressive results.

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