Concrete surfaces tend to accumulate dust very gradually and when it does, you realize how difficult it is to clean the exterior. This is precisely one of the reasons why periodic concrete cleaning helps in maintaining your home, driveway, and concrete patios to give it a yearlong spic and span look. High quality pressure washing is a key element of proper concrete cleaning.


In most cases, driveway and sidewalk surfaces should be professionally cleaned between every 12 to 18 months but I have seen a few exceptions to the rules. Generally speaking the idea isn’t to wait until it starts getting bad.. it should always be maintained in order to avoid those bad situations. It’s all about maintaining and preventing.
Before wrapping up this post, there is one more reason for maintaining your concrete based surfaces and I bet almost no one really thinks about this, but anywhere you see mildew or black mold it’s a possible health risk.

Job done right LLC is proud to offer driveway cleaning. As you can see our driveway pressure cleaning services have a stunning effect & can bring your “Curb Appeal” to a new level! Along with driveway cleaning, we also offer patio cleaning, walkway cleaning & other concrete cleaning services.  We can even clean the concrete inside your garage without damaging your interior walls or sheetrock. Only 30% of driveway stains are produced by automobile fluids. A major 70 % of Driveway & Concrete Stains is caused by fungus, molds and mildew! If you walk onto a fungus covered surface, with or without shoes, you will track fungus spores into your house, car & office!