Many restaurant owners like to believe they are on top of the cleanliness of their restaurant. Kitchen restaurant pressure cleaning is imperative, particularly in a day and age when someone can post a review and picture of your dirty restaurant before you realize what hit you, you had better guarantee you are all about having a spotless restaurant. You may have a highly skilled staff that stays on top of cleaning the forks, knifes, spoons and plates every day. Perhaps they even have a high pressure steam dish washer to help them. Wiping down the tables, washing dishes and cooking equipment, vacuuming the floor and cleaning the bathrooms are other tasks that are (or should be) done daily. But these tasks are only the first step.

There is no shortage of areas to clean in a restaurant – in addition to the cleaning tasks mentioned above; ducts, signage, dumpster areas and the parking lot all need consistent cleaning. Such an array of surfaces that need to be cleaned frequently demands a cleaning solution that is easy to use, flexible and affordable. This is why a pressure washer is a necessity for those in the restaurant business. The ability to hook up a pressure washer and start cleaning within minutes is invaluable – particularly a cleaning solution that offers so much flexibility due to the number of attachments that can be used. Here is a list of the most problematic areas in a restaurant and our recommendations on how to clean them.