The products used and services provided by Pro Boat Clean are unique in the boating industry. Whereas many other boat cleaning products damage and reduce the thickness of gelcoat, our system actually protects it and restores its appearance to “like new” condition. There is absolutely no better cleaning and protection system on the market, at any price.Our attention to detail and the level of service means we are continually being asked to come back and deliver our service over and over again. We also run maintenance schedules on several of our customer’s boats, carrying out weekly and monthly cleans. These service washes mean we can stay on top of any build up of dirt keeping the boats looking clean and smart. When the boats soak up our polish like a sponge, it’s telling us that it’s crying out for TLC. Gelcoat needs to be fed and looked after to protect it from the rigors of the Floridian sun’s UV rays and other elements of the weather.

You can create a new revenue stream to help meet those challenges with our Deep Clean Protection System. Importantly, it’s new revenue that requires NO investment on your part. A significant revenue stream can be created for your business by recommending our services to your clients. Imagine how much revenue might be generated even if only 10% of the boats in your care were to use us

For those of your clients who are considering the sale of their boat, the marketability of their boat will be significantly enhanced through our unique process as well as protecting their investment.

To give fiberglass a smooth, shiny surface during manufacture a material called gelcoat is applied first into the female mould for the boat and fibreglass mat is laid over it and the resin is sprayed or rolled onto the mat. When the boat is removed from the mould, you’ll see the gelcoat surface over the fiberglass mat forming the outer skin of the boat. However, most people refer to gelcoat as fiberglass, so we use the terms fiberglass and gelcoat interchangeably.Gelcoat is available in many colors and is fairly durable, but it can become dull or faded as it weathers. Sunlight and air combine to oxidize the gelcoat surface, fading it and making the surface cloudy. The oxidation process for gelcoat is similar to how metals rust or corrode. So how do you keep your gelcoat looking good? Simple: you coat the surface with either wax or a polish/sealer.

For boats which have been oxidized and have some fading or dullness, waxes and polishes may restore the shine but often don’t maintain it for more than a month or so. This is because the gelcoat surface has microscopic pits and crevices in it from the oxidation, even after you have removed the oxidized layer. When you apply wax over the surface, the wax is too heavy to penetrate into the pits and crevices. This is why oxidized boats usually never shine like they did when new, and more importantly, why wax doesn’t last long; because air is trapped in the holes and crevices under the wax, the gelcoat can oxidize underneath the wax!

Faded and Dull Fiberglass

Polishes are similar to waxes but they also contain a small amount of abrasive which rubs off some of the oxidation and can restore a shine to the surface.

Fiberglass Wax

Historically, boats have been maintained using either wax or a polish. Waxes cover the surface and provide a barrier between the elements and the gelcoat surface.

Fiberglass Polish

For boats which have been oxidized and have some fading or dullness, waxes and polishes may restore the shine but often don’t maintain it for more than a month or so.

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